More Waiting for Orders

Yesterday we reported on the 6 ships "waiting for orders" off Falmouth. Steve spent some time at the observation post on the headland trying to identify them. They were the container vessels E.R. Elsfleth, E.R. Cuxhaven, E.R. Caen, E.R. Stralsund, and Commander; and the natural gas tank Methania. There is a good report by the Falmouth Packet on these ships. It appears that they have been here for some time. The Methania appears to be particularly notorious having loaded and then unloaded a cargo of gas which its owners couldn't sell. It is also on the Greenpeace scrapping wish list.

However, while we were watching the moored ships they were joined by another empty tanker the the King Darius. We also watched one of the Falmouth refuelling bunkers, Clipper Beaune, service a passing container ship. The Falmouth pilot was also busy.

Falmouth refuelling bunker, Clipper Beaune

In the evening we watched the departure of the cruise ship Aida Cara. She was quite a sight, especially with the smiling face painted on her bows.

Cruise Ship Aida Cara leaving Falmouth

We managed to access her website and found her webcam. Her bow webcam showed St Anthony Head with its lighthouse. Pity you couldn't see us watching her from on the head!

Webcam view from the Aida Cara looking towards St Anthony Head as she leaves Falmouth

The Grande America then left using three tugs. Along with the pilot boat it was quite a flotilla.

Grande America leaving Falmouth

What a fascinating place Falmouth Harbour is.