St Anthony Head, Cornwall

We are spending the week with Maggie's mum, Mollie, in a National Trust Cottage on St Anthony Head in Cornwall. We used to spend family holidays in Roseland in the 1980s so the area is familiar to us. However, the scenery never ceases to impress. Today, with a blustery wind but sunshine the bays and sea around the Carrick Roads looked magnificent.

The cottage is in the former gun battery that protected Falmouth so the views of the coast are excellent. This is certainly a good spot for ship spotting.

Mollie ship spotting

There are usually some ships waiting around here for orders, and some are usually laid-up near King Harry Ferry, but when we arrived late this afternoon we found large six container vessels anchored off Falmouth Bay. Presumably there isn't much trade because of the recession.

"Waiting for orders" - at Falmouth

However, the Italian registered container ship Grande America is in Falmouth and she appears to be loading or unloading. She looks very large.

As we looked at the shoreline through binoculars, a Royal Navy vessel arrived. It was P281 HMS Tyne a fishery protection vessel. She dropped off an RIB which went into Falmouth with some crew and then returned. Mollie thought they were going to get fish & chips for supper. HMS Tyne then disappeared towards the East.

P281 HMS Tyne

Looking at her details on Wikipedia she has two Ruston diesel engines. So she she has something in common with Albert! However, her two Ruston engines generate 5,500 HP each at 1,000 RPM - not 15.